DT wholesale nfl jerseys Javon Kinlaw (South Carolina): Senior Bowl executive director Jim Nagy opened the week by proclaiming that outside of Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert, “Kinlaw is probably the top rated guy coming into this game.” Then Kinlaw was so good in a day and a half of work that he cemented his place as a top 10 prospect despite shutting it down with a minor leg injury on Wednesday afternoon. He won’t play in the game either, but doesn’t have to. Measuring an imposing 6 foot 5 and 315 pounds, he was tossing around South offensive linemen like they were on the JV.

Popular social media platforms have also played a large role in pulling conspiracy theories into the mainstream. Black points to the design features of various platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter as helping to incubate conspiracy theories by allowing users to aggregate content from various sources into a single feed. “You’re getting a feed from some source, it could be the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] or Health Canada, or it could be some marginal person on the corners of the internet who is pushing a conspiracy theory, but all information looks equally legitimate in social media spaces, it’s just coming through your feed.”.

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