Neither having disappointed nor seen having pleased the market.Latha: Two stocks, Bannariamman Sugars and National Fertilizers (NFL), I assume you will track both, numbers looked very good, what would you say?A: Bannariamman Sugars I am not keeping a positive bias because in Tamil Nadu they will be having the lower production. In Tamil Nadu you have a longer season, in fact the sugar mills always have two seasons, working is about 240 days. Bannariamman has been a consistent performer and when you compare the results with Uttar Pradesh (UP) based sugar mills, in isolation you may find that to be the good numbers but I won be taking a positive call because Tamil Nadu is going to see a drop of about 22 25 percent in the sugar production in this season.Last season they had produced about 13 lakh tonne and I don think that this year they are going to touch it more than 10.5 11 lakh tonnes.

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